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Lokmangal stands for the total development of people. Lokmangal is a non-profitable social organization born out of the concept of holistic health of women and the comprehensive development of the rural people and from their struggles to achieve these goals. The organization works preserving the eternal truth of equality, socialjustice and brotherhood. Respect for one another, national integration, unity in diversity are the basic principles the organization upholds.



A prosperous community where women enjoy holistic health and every individual lives with dignity that leads to a society free from injustice, exploitation and corruption, giving way to equality, social justice and harmony


  1. To empower women, making them centre of development.
  2. To bring about sustainable village development through local leadership and people’s organization.


Building Resilient Communities for a Sustainable Future

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To address women’s issues, through systematic capacity building and by formation of women’s organization.

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To provide legal assistance to fight for social justice and human rights.

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To increase the active participation of women in the gramsabha and in the process of development and decision making.

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To strengthen the right based movements through local leadership and people’s organization.

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To provide care and protection to women and children who are trapped in the moral, social, or familial problems and rehabilitate them to lead a healthy life.

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To motivate people for collective responsibility in promoting environment and bio-diversity and its proper management.

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To improve the living conditions and health status of the rural poor, conduct community health activities, and social welfare programs.

Government Sponsored Programs

Driving Positive Change through Government Support

Mathoshri Swadhar Greh for women in distress:

  • Provide shelter and support to women who are bearing the brunt of social, moral and family problems and violence.
  • Individual and family counseling, legal assistance, vocational training, formal & non-formal education, personality development and social awareness programs by which they are rehabilitated to lead a healthy normal life and get back in to the main stream of the society.
  • The inmates of this home are provided all the facilities free of cost.

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